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How to prepare for a Virtual Yoga class

Yogis today are enjoying the ease of Virtual Yoga. You can practice in the comfort of your home or anywhere you choose to land on your mat! Here are a few tips to make your virtual yoga experience the best it can be.


Be sure to sign up AT LEAST 60 minutes in advance of the start time and we will send you the Zoom link and password to join in your confirmation email. 


Find a quiet, uncluttered space away from any mayhem. If your home is quiet or if you have a strong ability to drown out distractions, you can probably set up anywhere. But most of us struggle with distractions (which is why we need yoga!) so finding and setting up a little oasis for yourself within your home is important.


Have your yoga props ready, including a towel or blanket. Props can also include a yoga block and/or stack of books, yoga strap and/or belt.


Make sure your device for watching/listening to class is fully charged.


Use a wireless headset, like AirPods, if you find you might be distracted by noise in your home.


If you seek heat, set up a small space heater and/or humidifier in your yoga space at home. The smaller the space, the more you will feel the heat and humidity. But, remember to turn it off after practice! 


Log on 5 minutes early and sit on your mat in quiet until class begins… or join us for the pre-class chat.

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