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Studio Guidelines

Half Moon Yoga is your go-to destination to relieve stress, improve your overall health and find inner peace. Our studio is a sanctuary for people of all ages and abilities to come and experience the benefits of yoga. We love what we do and we are committed to providing exceptional yoga classes in a safe and supportive environment. Please read through our updated guidelines to ensure a seamless yoga experience, and join us on the mat for a transformative journey of body, mind and spirit.

Class Procedures

All clients are solely responsible for reading and following our guidelines so everyone can have an enjoyable practice, while we maintain and sustain our community studio. By attending class, you are agreeing to all our guidelines and policies. 


Given the private nature of our studio, signing up means you are personally reserving a yoga instructor.  Please do not sign up for a class and not show, there are fees involved.

Class Sign-up

Book classes online 60 minutes prior to class start time. This gives time for our instructors to arrive at classes and prepare the studio. If there are any problems with class booking, feel free to text or call 214-564-9631.


Please show up with enough time to get settled before class starts.  Late comers are disruptive to class, so please be considerate of your fellow yogis and arrive 5 - 10 minutes before class start time. Not too early though, no one will be there to let you in!

Dress code

No shoes in studio. Yoga is best practiced barefoot, so be prepared to remove your shoes at the door upon entry. Do not walk on our floors at anytime with shoes. Preferably remove your socks, too! We thoroughly clean the floors after every class.


Be clean (body, clothing, yoga mat, etc.) and odor free. You practice in close proximity with others. Be kind to yourself and everyone with a clean body and clothing. Also please refrain from using perfume, lotions and oils. While it smells great on your date, the ‘potpourri’ created by you and your yoga mates might not work out so well.


We do not allow children to attend our everyday classes. Although we love little ones, our classes currently are catered to adults only. There are no children allowed in the studio unless previously arranged; we periodically offer children’s classes and tune our practice to their skill and attention levels.


No cell phones are allowed to be on in the studio unless you are required to be on call. Ringing cell phones can be very disruptive. Please allow yourself to be “unplugged” while you are here. Texts and voicemails are a wonderful way to catch up on what you missed while you were refocusing your mind. If you are required to be on-call, just let us know so that we can be aware and even help you find a quick escape route.

Sales Are Final

It takes a lot to run a studio and provide quality offerings to our clients.

We try and offer you the best services possible. In order to do that, please be sure that you're booking the correct service and can attend classes, private lessons, workshops, and be able to use the membership or services in the specified time allotted. We do not offer refunds of classes, private lessons, memberships or workshops purchased.  It’s your responsibility to read our guidelines before purchasing. Non-use of services are not grounds for a refund. In some instances, per our discretion, we can apply a credit to your account. Please note, these policies are meant to be preventative measures rather than penalties. These policies will allow us to keep our teachers employed and our doors open for you!

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